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> Hello, I'm Becky Liu > Welcome to my portfolio for... > Data + Development + Design

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% Combining Data, Design and Development.

Welcome to my portfolio. I'm Becky I have 8 years XP in tech, eCommerce and the gaming industry. I am currently studying a Masters in Computer Science (Data Analytics) and hold a Degree in Graphic Design. My passion is combining design + tech.

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% A Future Developed by Data.

Since a young age I enjoyed solving puzzles, creating things and entrepreneurship. I first started building very terrible websites when I was 8 for my Neopet's pet page then I went onto building a advertising platform for bloggers, started an online accessory business and ran forums in the noughties. Eventually I realised creativity was like the invention of ideas thus ended up working as a designer for the past 8 years. Further along my career I saw how important data was in design decisions, how important design was to development and how important development was for data. Each craft held a very similar iterative process that seeked to solve a problem. Therefore it became my interest to learn more about each field so that I can better help others. I am a self-motivated lifelong learner with the thirst for knowledge and an interest in combining disparate skillsets to experiment, find trends and solve unique problems. Check out my projects...

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Data Science

Machine Learning (WEKA, Scikit-Learn), Data Mining (Jupyter), Visualisations(Seaborn, Matplotlib) Spark


UI/UX, Wireframing (Sketch, Adobe XD), Visual Design (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator)


Python, Java, C, HTML (Bootstrap, Flex-box, Grid) , CSS(SASS), Javascript